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The native peoples of Iraq. They have been known to be here for about 20, 000 years from at that time to today where they still fight for equal rights. Like other native peoples such as the Berber/Native Americans/Saami/etc. have been mistreated for a long time. Probably since Iraq became an official Nation. Though this happened a lot in the Iraqi History many of the fellow citizens of Iraq/ The Iraqi Government have made up for the mistreating they have been given the Iraqi Kurds. Even though there are fews who still look for their equal rights today. Now that the US army has invaded their land most of the Iraqi Kurds and the Iraqi citizens have been left homeless so they migrate to other places a lot for a better life. That is probably why so many immigrants have been searching for these things in America though their actions are horrible.
The Iraqi Kurds have been through a lot in their lives just like other natives had just in the same way.
by H. Jax September 09, 2007
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