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Surgeon General's Warning:
Always enjoy Tequila in moderation. Taking 10 shots of Tequila in 20 minutes is not recommend as this can lead to cases of Involuntary Tequila Withdrawal (ITW).

With ITW, the taste, smell, and possibly the sight of tequila can cause protective maneuvering of the body away from the source accompanied by stomach pains/sickness and stimulation of the gag reflex. The most significant symptom of ITW is vomiting, which is provoked immediately after reintroduction of Tequila into the mouth. The symptoms may be prolonged when a large quantity of Tequila is introduced or if it reaches the GI system.

The symptoms can be reproduced even during the chronic stages of ITW, lasting 10-15 years on average. Some individuals will have ITW for the rest of their life but the condition is easily managed through complete avoidance of Tequila.
-Ughhhh... why did you make me take all that Jose?

--Well my friend, you were speaking to the tequila, and then you announced, "Senior Cuervo, I've had 9 shots of you so far. I know this only by my trail of the limes I've used... you sir have one shot left in you to make it an even ten. Thank you God, spirit and the holy-guacamole!!" and then you yelled "wooooo" and took the shot, told everyone about your recent amazing feet at least 4 times.

-Well it was pretty epic...

--And then you got up and went down the beach to find the dude you bought acid from before. Actually found him... I think he just took your money. But he was kind enough to spray you off with a hose while you were vomiting on yourself and his porch chair.

-Damn, I gotta be more careful next time, I don't want to go off and get ITW. That shit can stay with you for life son. Involuntary Tequila Withdrawal, just as bad as herpes.
by BeachWeek February 24, 2011
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