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Abbr. 'Invisible Pedestrian'

The affliction suffered by all pedestrians in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Symptoms include being completely invisible to car, truck, and taxi drivers whilst being visible to everyone else.

The zone of a Boston drivers vision between the left and right most periphery when applied to living objects through the windscreen.
Driver to Policeman: "How was I supposed to see him ? the guy was in my Invisiped zone!"

Driver on Mobile Phone driving one hand on wheel at 40 mph in the 25 zone towards the "State Law: Yield to Pedestrians" sign: "blah...blah....hey Buddy, Did you see that Sox game ? Ortiz really hit the bawl outah the pahk this..."

Pedestrian <Bam!>

Driver : "Hey, did you hear that ? One of those invisipeds ! Anyway, you wanna hit up the Purple Shamrock tonight" <accelerates>


The taxi narrowly avoided crushing the most of feet of the invisipeds waiting on the corner as Omar uttered "نعم أنا الأم تعلم قيادة السيارة بشكل جيد" to his distant mother. "Calling card only 2c a minute for 8 hour call Algeria" he said to his white knuckled passenger watching the agonized faces of the flat toed bystanders as she wiped the beads of sweat from her brow.
by Dr Reason January 16, 2011
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