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Invadermar is an overrated attention whore on DeviantArt. She draws low quality zim fanart, which draws in a lot of desperate zim fans. Invadermar has a rather huge ego, and likes to talk about how sexy she (despite the fact she is zitty and fat) is and how great her art looks (despite the fact that it's all the same, lopsided, out of proportion thing). She pretends she knows how to draw anatomy perfectly, even though shes never drawn one decent picture, and claims this never improving form is just her "style". She only dates people she finds online, and "falls in love" with them within two days of even knowing they exist. This could be the result of her tattily done make-up, fake-eyelashes, and gaudy long red nails which all together creates a strong resemblance to a cheap, Mexican crack whore. Invadermar has come to be quite the liar, and actually has all of her fans believing every word she says. A good example would be when she and her ex-E-boyfriend Lee had a mutual break up, she decided she could get more attention if he had dumped her. After finding out there is no possible way for her to travel back in time and have such a thing happened, she resorted to bullshitting everyone and whining and cried that Lee has broken up with her. Another good blatant lie she tends to tell is that shes "not fat". While some of us know this to be absolutely false, her fantards, whom have never met her one, continue disagree with this fact. Unfortunately for her current E-Boyfriend, Chimpfag, who has gone from a nice sensable boy to an arrogant annoying prick, she insists she is going to meet him *in a week or two*. Oddly, every week shes going to meet him in a week or two. After two or three months, this has still not happened. She has already tried getting a DeviantArt senior title from Chimpfag. Little does she know, thats not how it works.
"Hey, I heard sammy spent the last few months in front of her computer trying to cyber a bunch of guys and gained 80 pounds"
"Wait.... she was already like.... 200 pounds..."
"Hahaha, yeah. What an InvaderMar."
by winrar January 14, 2008
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A member on a site called deviantART. She is loved and respected by many people. She has many stalkers and fans. She currently dates Chimpantalones/William.

Too be giggly. Usually called
That girl is InvaderMary and it's annoying the holy pedobear out of me.
by Kaiine December 02, 2007
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