1. Similar to nekomimi, inumimi is a word used by anime fans to refer to characters with dog ears (and tails). The phrase "inu" comes from this word. The word "inumimi" literally means "Dog Ear". Typically, the word refers to female characters, but it can be used for male characters as well.

2. A Japanese romance manga series with three volumes. Yuichiro Kunisaki comes home to discover that his scientist father has caused their three female dogs to have a human body and appearance. (Except, of course, for their ears and tails).
1. Otaku #1: Inumimi are way better than nekomimi!
Otaku #2: There's a reason why nekomimi are more popular. Inumimi suck.

2. Inumimi, the manga, is rated "mature". . . -__-;;
by Masked Schemer March 27, 2010
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