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Intro-dimension - (Noun) ones own dimension or constructed reality; Constructed from Tangible or non-Tangible means. A dimension that is created, maintained, and or bound by a individual being. An Intro-dimension can be percieved as Fictional or Non-Fictional depending on what its decided purpose is within our universe. An Intro-dimension can only be created by an individual or a group with all indivduals in agreement of its purpose. Intro-dimensional- (Adj/Pronoun)- relating or pertaining to ones own Intro-dimension.
I am creating my own Intro-dimension based on spiritual freedom.

A monk and a warrior live in two different Intro-dimensions.

When the peaceful monk went against his beliefs and became a warrior, his spirit traveled Intro-dimensionally.

If I could travel from the third to the fourth dimension, that would be Intro-dimensional travel.

The romance we share exists within our own Intro-dimension.

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by CedarMan May 10, 2018
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