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A more severe form of the word inebriaunt, an intoxicaunt can be identified at family gatherings as any woman who has taken her inebriation to the point of intoxication, generally through years of practice.

This term is another feminine form of Druncle, however a more severe case.
For example, while a 35 year old niece who has downed a bottle of red wine may be dancing like crazy all by herself and be considered an inebriaunt, if she was 55, had drained two bottles of red wine and several martinis, and is standing outside smoking her 10th cigarette looking remarkably composed she may be considered an "intoxicaunt". Unlike an inebriaunt, an intoxicaunt generally has much more long term commitment to her roll at family gatherings.
by Crash II January 15, 2009
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