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A nicer, less derogatory term to describe the commonly underrated action of 'spooning'.The Intiverse Optisnuggle (I.O) is a compacted version of: intimate, converse, convex/concave, reverse, optimum, optimistic, opium and snuggle. Derived from these 8 words, the Intiverse Optisnuggle thoroughly encompasses all aspects, literal, structural and physiological associated with spooning.

Intimate: Describes the personal connection established with the closeness and safety of the Intiverse Optisnuggle.
Converse: Alludes to the contrast between the positioning of the I.O and the generic hug.
Convex/Concave: Highlights the structure of the I.O.: two 'C's together forming the 'S' shape made by both the upper and lower body
Reverse: When one party is 'reversed' against the other/s.
Optimum: The ultimate type of hug.
Optimistic: The positive vibes released from the I.O.
Opium: The surreal feeling induced by the I.O.
Snuggle:an affectionate breed of 'hug'.

Note: This term is able to be manipulated to accomodate for the number of participants involved in the spooning.
ie) 3= Triverse Optisnuggle
4= Quatriverse Optisnuggle
5= Quinverse Optisnuggle
8= Octiverse Optisnuggle
9= Nonaverse Optisnuggle
10= Decaverse Optisnuggle
11= Universe Optisnuggle (derived from the italian
word for eleven, undici)
11+= Universe Optisnuggle (here the word 'universe'
is used more literally to indicate the infinite number of participants, otherwise known as a 'spooning orgy')

Note: Beyond 2 participants, the prefix 'inti' is appropriately lost to signify the loss of intimacy. When the snuggle is not intimate, and used more as a source of pleasure, the term 'Pleasurverse Optisnuggle' can be appropriately applied to reinforce the absence of intimacy.

Note: For those singles bitterly disappointed at the lack of terminology for a one person Intiverse Optisnuggle, ALAS! The 'Pintiverse Optisnuggle' (intimacy with a pillow)

Intiverse Optisnuggle

Person 1:"Would you care to partake in some Intiverse Optisnuggling with me or are you content to continue Pintiversely Optisnuggling?"

Person 2:"I was more in the more in the mood for a Universe Optisnuggle"

Person 1:"I dig"
by a&e July 15, 2006
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