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Inter-path-eu-ation (group euphoria)

The process of making a later regretted decision as a group because of blind enthusiasm. Similar to mob mentality, interpatheuation is when a decision is made that one would later look at and say, "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Interpatheuation commonly occurs in creative meetings where a member comes up with an idea and then more members build on that idea until it is blown out of proportion. At the time everyone would agree that what they came up with was collaborative and original. A later look would reveal a lack of attention to the idea itself and more attention to the enthusiasm of the group.
Design client: "What's that large rainbow colored rabbit doing on our poster?"
Designer: "Oh that was a result of interpatheuation. We're going to schedule a meeting and re-address that idea."

Wife (over the phone): "How did the meeting go?"
Husband: "Not great. I thought we had something going but decision making turned into interpathuation. Now I'm stuck in Singapore and I'm pretty sure there's a bounty out for me."
by dantaylr May 28, 2010
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