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The feminine equivalent of the internet tough guy. The internet sex kitten is a female message board poster who plays up her sexuality in an attempt in an effort to become popular with the male posters on the forum, and because internet message boards are often populated with lonely nerds, it's usually not long before she has her own following of drooling fanboys. Internet sex kittens will often exhibit any combination of the following behaviors:

- She'll claim to be bisexual and willing to participate in threesomes.
- She'll flirt shamelessly with male posters.
- If she's already in a relationship, she'll claim that her man is completely satisfied with her and that she gives him hot, wild sex all the time.
- Speaks candidly about her blowjob skills, or other sexual techniques.
- Admits that she loves watching porn.
- Posts pictures of herself looking into the camera with a sultry gaze (if the picture is from the neck up, you can bet that she's fat).

Ultimately, the Internet Sex Kitten is a combination of an attention whore and a cock tease. Lonely male forum posters will jump through hoops to win her approval, but it's rare that they'll ever interact with her outside of a message board or chat room.
"HottieGirl69 just started a 'favorite sexual fantasy' thread and already her fan club has turned it into a online flirt session. I'm getting sick of HottieGirl69 and all of her Internet Sex Kitten behavior."
by You Can't Kill the Metal January 30, 2008
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