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These are to be avoided at all costs. They usually take the appearance of an appealing website, such as "Hack any Facebook account!" or "Watch Netflix for free!" Click on it, and you won't be hacking or watching anything for a while. First, it'll ask you to fill out some little captcha and give an email address. Easy to fake your way through it. Then comes stage 2:

"Just fill out this quick survey..."

Don't. If you start this survey, the quicksand pulls you down into survey after ad after survey, until you and your computer are drowning in pop up windows and fake personal information you try to use, as the Internet Quicksand links you to more quicksand, makes more windows you can't close, and slowly steals your real personal information.

And for all we know, it probably hacks your Facebook and watches your Netflix. Stepping into an Internet Quicksand will destroy at least an hour of your life you will wish to forget. And worst of all, it now has your computer information and email. Say hello to a sudden influx of advertising and new email spam that none of your friends will understand or believe.
Person 1: Whoa look I can hack anyone's Facebook...

2 hours later:

Person 1: Aw, shucks. It was an Internet quicksand. But look! 50 places just emailed me about free Netflix!

5 hours later:

Person 1: These bastards think they're gonna mess with me? I'll show them. I'll hack their Facebook!
by ISHOWEDYOU January 20, 2014
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