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A nerdy child who spends all day and night playing games such as 'Minecraft' and 'Viva Piñata'.

In person they are quiet and friendly, and can be relied upon for favours. However, When let looses on the internet, they spawn massive hairy internet balls, and it isn't pretty. Insulting anything and anyone who stands in their way, they rampage across social networking sites attempting to gain 'respect'.

After a rant is over the Internet cunt will usually make a half hearted apology, and delete all evidence of their envolvment, often to avoid a beating.
Steven, stop commenting, your being an Internet Cunt.
by Shit Stirring Douche. January 17, 2012
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Term given to nerdy computer users who become much more aggressive over the internet.

The term can apply to someone who is shy in person, but becomes a baddass on social networking sites.
" Dude Steven's ranting on Facebook again" " Yeah hes being an Internet Cunt"

" George, man, stop. Your being a classic Internet Cunt.
by Arab Hunter. January 28, 2012
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