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1. To take someone on a walk of the internet. To each follow one another from site to site.

When the internet is your home you can even take people on walks. Meet at the same sights, leave messages which site to meet at next, or comment in next, take internet walks.

The the above description is usually uneccesarry since after people have met at some site, chat, MUD, whatever, they usually exchange an IMS address like hotmail or skype or ICQ or whatever is in vogue at the time, and talk to each other there, suggestion which sites to see and visit through lines.

Also may be known as an 'Internet Stroll' which maybe some might turn into an 'Internet Troll Stroll', I hope not, but at least I'd have coined that term too, if it happens to take off. (See below)

------------- Note this term, and its meaning has been invented, just now, by me, and I'm not joking so if you ever see this thing take off, you know who wrote it first.
Let's take a stroll through the internet, I'll meet you on the forums at newgrounds.

Let's go for an Internet Walk.

Let's go for an iWalk.

by ayono January 04, 2013
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