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An individual who graduated Valedictorian in troll college. Internet Saiyans are equipped with Master levels of Troll-Jitsu and are nearly always successful in their pursuit of making you feel stupid, worthless or causing you to RageQuit from online chat-rooms.

Every time an Internet Saiyan is defeated, they gain additional strength. This can result in any of the several levels of Internet Super Saiyan.
Victim: What the fuck man, why dont you leave me alone?

Internet Saiyan: Thats what I ask your mom when she's slobbin on my knob.

Victim: Why dont you go fuck you're self?

Internet Saiyan: lol! that would be "your" self... idiot.

Victim: I cant believe there are still assholes like you on the internet.

Internet Saiyan: I cant believe your dad stopped sucking cock long enough to impregnate your whore mother.

Victim: Fuck you dude! STFU! /RAGEQUIT

Internet Saiyan: lol, what a pussy.

Lurker: I'll be damned, its the Prince of Internet Saiyans
by Lost_Primarch March 13, 2014
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