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Chickenheads who either pay some douche bag to take half naked pictures of themselves or take them with their cell phones in a mirror and Photoshop them. These internet skanks then proceed to post them on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace and claim to be models.
"why are you half naked in your Facebook pictures and why are they all touched up?"

"oh, i'm a model"

"have you ever even beed paid to model"

"no, i'm a internet model yet to be discovered"

"so basically your a online whore?"
by samdirtystayout January 24, 2010
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A remarkable phenomenon sweeping the Internets regarding a sad, lonely, attention craving individuals seeking to be "unique" through photos of themselves. The photos usually are taken by a friend whose parents gave them a nice camera. Most networking sites are all overly saturated with these dorks. Usually, these folks have no connection to the real world and work in some sort of part time retail job.
"so, what do you do for a living?" said John
"oh, umm I an internet model" replied Tanya
"what do you mean by internet model?" questioned John
"my friend takes photos of me with his nice camera so I can put the pictures on myspace. So I can get attention I would never get elsewhere" replied Tanya
"oh so basically, you're an insecure bimbo who pretends to be something she's not on the internet?" said John
"no wonder we're in a recession" laughed john
by getadamnjob July 28, 2009
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