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A derogatory term, originally coined by the infamous Sargent D (of SYWH fame), used to describe elitist metalheads who only listen to bands that are currently considered to be "hip" and "underground".

The heavy metal equivalent of hipsters. Often the first people to cry "Sell-Out!" the moment a band has success of any kind. IMNs often tend to have very few friends and/or a dead end job. They mostly stick to basement dwelling and they never EVER get invited to parties.

There are two cardinal sins among IMNs:

- Diversity: If it isn't metal it can't be any good. IMNs hate people with a broad taste in music. That means that all other forms of music i.e. Jazz, Blues, Reggae/Ska, Punk (aside from a few choice Hardcore bands), Folk, Alternative, Indie, and any other genre you can name are all forbidden. Most IMNs don't seem to realize that their favorite metal bands have very strong. non-metal influences.

- Bands They Don't Like: IMNs like to think they are the be all end all music authority whether they realize it or not. With most people, mentioning a band someone dislikes will illicit a shrug. However, mentioning or expressing like for any band they hate will earn you the ire of IMNs everywhere. Prepare to be cyberbullied by basement dwellers the world over.
Metalhead: Hey bro, have you heard the new Skeletonwitch album? It fucking rips.


Metalhead: Woah, calm down bro.

IMN: Those guys have totally sold out now. Everybody is buying their albums, they're getting reviews in Decibel. It's absolutely sickening. They sold out after their 4-Track demo cassette.

Metalhead: -_-

IMN: I knew Skeletonwitch before it was cool.

by Moltanic March 04, 2012
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