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Internet Barbarians are a group of people, who are the direct result of the World Wide Web's general anonimity, and it's overwhelming mass of information.

Internet Barbarians are stupid, and are allways in denial about it, otherwise, they would feel bad for being stupid and would have to show respect for other people, which they (because of their inferiority complex) would never want to do.

They consider the internet their "free play zone", where they can rage out their daily stress, anger, and envy, and their general stupidity can be hidden behind their anonimity.

They can't be argued, or reasoned with, and despite their unusually low level of intellect and the fact that they are most of the time uncapable of construing a more-than-3-sentence-long text, they are in the strict belief that "they are the shit", and their opinions equal that of other intelligent human beings.

Their general opinions on most of the things in life are negative, or at most neutral, and they are mostly only intrigued by gore and agressive behaviour in entertaining media, and have anger issues in real life.

They are usually mean towards people, and ofter result to personal insults when they are on the loosing end of an arguement, because they feel as if pissing off the other person would give them some sort of partial victory, which would overshadow their revealed stupidity in front of the observing mob.
"Beware: Internet Barbarians are not intelligent people. Their opinions are mostly losely-based, because they only use them as means to pull their rage out. They are also well-known for lying, making shit up (then denying to prove it), copycatting ("Well, prove it otherwise."), and having an unusually effective underlying instinct to hijack discussions and turn them into their personal Jerry Springer Show.

They are most recognizable from:
- noticable ill intentions
- oversimplifying intentually complex things
- personal insults
- trying to prove their points with their age, race, sex, standing in society, or and sort of implyed achivements in ther life, which they usually cannot prove.
- capslock talk (internet "shouting")
- and sometimes complete incapability for any sort of civilized discussion.

Do not argue with them, do not even reply them, and for God's sake, never try to undersand them. Just leave them. Move on. Walk away. Consider them thin air. That is the only way to fight against them, because they eat up negativ responses and get stronger by them just like fire eats up fire....

And the thing about fire is: You can play with it, but you'll just get yourself burned."
by voice of the net November 19, 2009
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