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The most awesome private international school to ever exist. Located north of Bangkok, Thailand.

You know you go to ISB when:
1. Half the students get there by golf cart/scooter/motorcycle
2. You get yelled at by the cafeteria lady because you entered the line at the wrong spot
3. Everybody parties
4. If something happens, everybody knows about it by lunch
5. People like to impersonate Gossip Girl
6. You haven't been able to get lunch/get a laptop/open your locker because you left your campus card at home
7. Every winter assembly, the teachers sing and find some excuse to make out on stage
8. All the subs are Canadian
9. A 4.0 GPA just isn't that great
10. You wear club shirts to school on random days and nobody cares
Person 1: International School Bangkok is awesome! The best IASAS school by far.
Person 2: I know, I wish I could go there, but I'm not good enough :(
by FrankieSpankie December 30, 2009
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So as FrankieSpankie or whatever the person on the top or bottom said, it's certain that International School Bangkok is the best school in Thailand. Thus located in Nonthaburi, Thailand. You get high honor roll even thou the gpa doesn't go anyway near the 3.8. Need to create football team because there is already rugby team and it would be nice.
Person 1: You go to International School Bangkok, brah?
Person 2: Yeah, you wanna go yah cuz you go to BIST?
Person 3: You must be rich, yah?
Person 4: Nah cuz my father is in LG.
by Dadaisticism of Science December 24, 2011
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