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When you're at a party and you begin to make out with a person, who is not caucasian. (Preferably Asian)

You leave to take a leak, then you come back into the room and start dancing, (thinking that you're dancing with the same Asian,) and continue to make out with her, knowing that you did previously.

However, after sucking face you look over and the girl your buddy is dancing and making out with the same girl, an Asian, and wearing the same shirt as the girl you were making out with.

Then you look at the girl you are making out with and realize that she is not wearing the same shirt, and is not the same girl from the session before you left.
"Yo, did you see Rusty make that International Exchange with Greg last night at Smithies?"

"Yeah, I couldn't tell them apart either..."
by Rusty Brown November 10, 2009
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