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International Wog Day is celebrated on the 7th of July every year since its inaugural celebration in 2016. It is a day for Wogs to celebrate their culture and remember those past and present who have gotten their families where they are today. Many families came to Australia looking for a better life for themselves and for future generations which makes the recognition of past generations a vital aspect of International Wog Day. Founded by WogMemes on Instagram, the day is typically celebrated with the two things Wogs do best - family and food.
Wog 1: "Its the 7th of July, are you celebrating International Wog Day, re?

Wog 2: "Of course paesano, wouldn't miss the feast Nonna is cooking"

Wogs 3: "Yallah come mine after, I'm going to beat you all at FIFA"

Wog 4: "Jebo te!!!!! My favourite day of the year!!"
by ThisIsWM May 20, 2016
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