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The International Dibs act of 1866 was ratified by 36 countries, including the United States of America, Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and England. This act entitles the first representative of any country or individual or individual group to call “Dibs” (from the Latin ‘Dibimus’ meaning ‘to call ownership before others’) on any unclaimed item or position that has been set before the representative. It is essential to the act that “Dibs” is claimed, and without claiming “Dibs” one may not enact the International Dibs act of 1866
German Representative: “My fellow representatives; my country offers forward 189 Liters of beer to good will”
French Representative: “Nous le voulons!”
American Representative: “ I call “Dibs” based on the ‘International Dibs Act of 1866’...thank you for your 50 gallon donation”
French representative: “Merde!”
by GrantVE January 27, 2018
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