The holiday is held annually on February 15. (Yes it's the day after Valentine's Day-that's by design.) It's a day of love, of reflection and of giving back to all the bottoms in the world. Traditionally, it has only been consistently celebrated by The International Order of Sodomites but is able to be celebrated by anyone who wishes to give appreciation to their sub for all their hard work.

The day was first made a holiday by American president Millard Fillmore, who supposedly misread it. It had not been widely celebrated until it 'flourished' in the months before the American Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln attempted to further establish the holiday as tradition with a ritualistic meal, but due to a handwriting error on his part, resulted in the invention of Thanksgiving. It all worked out in the end though, as Thanksgiving too consists of sitting around and praising a stuffed bird.

The holiday never truly took off in the hearts of the people, and as such fell back into its decay, but a notable attempt was made by Justin Sayre, Chairman of the Order of Sodomites, in February 2014 in Joe's Pub to catalogue the overwhelming history of International Bottom Appreciation Day, which was recorded and uploaded to popular video streaming service, youtube.
Bottom1: My Top was being really sweet to me the other day, and I can't figure out why
Bottom2: No duh, it was the 15th of February, International Bottom Appreciation Day.
by PerhapsAHamster February 22, 2020
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