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The most annoying form of internet advertising ever. They are flash video ads that are supposedly 'interactive.' First of all, they start out with sound always enabled, so if you have the volume up and this comes on, you shit yourself. Then when it gets to the 'interactive' part, it's like 4 seconds of clicking and dragging. Some sites are virtually unvisitable, because they have 10 of these ads, all starting at different times, freezing the web browser. Who ever though of these needs to be shot, and Urban Dictionary needs to stop using them.
(On some forum)

Posted in 2002: Hey check out this website!

Posted in 2004: Thanks!

Posted in 2005: Great!

Posted in 2009: WTF? Too many fucking interactive ads, I can't even download what I want

Posted in 2009: Lol yeah they ran out of money I guess :D
by Iron Sabbath August 11, 2009
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