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Inter Boys are boys that attent the Fyzabad Anglican secondary school, They feel that they are the wettest thing on planet but they dont know that they are the dumbest. They know that inter is a small school and has cameras at almost every corner yet still a handfull of the boys goes in corners to get heads.
Firstly they play a game by just going around and asking the ugly easy headed girls if they wanna give heads, it may sound like a joke but these girl are as dumb as stone. So they would go would them. Most of this used to take place at 'The Round Table' located at the cprner almost at the back of the form 1 and 2 building but A camera was placed there and started working so another spot is somewhere down in the back by the form 6's. Within that same group of boys are atleast 1 or 2 boys would fight. And fight over a girl. These fights happen 1 in a blue moon nothing special. But they still dumb. Inter boys are also know to be immature no wonder girls in our school like 'man in coveral' but thats for a another time. But theres more.....oh and btw they like football but cant play shit. So during the day they sweat they ass off and want the heads so girls no alyuh sucking sweaty stink prick
Inter boysfeel they are the prettiest thing.
Oo he like to get heads on he sweaty prick.
by Cc pinkey March 02, 2018
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