A soccer club owned by a playboy retired soccer player who hasn’t attacked any big name players and had a shitty stadium built that looks like a D-3 college football field. Also they ain’t from Miami either, these dumb fucks come from Fort Lauderdale.
Seriously mom, you said we were seeing Inter Miami play, so why the fuck we in Fort Lauderdale.
by Who Cares geez February 7, 2020
April 19th is the day to clown the last place in the Eastern Conference and Ft Lauderdales favorite frauds Inter Miami (more like Outer Miami) and all the fans that jumped ships too
“Bro I can’t believe you left us for Inter Miami, It’s ok, you can clown me on National Make Fun of Inter Miami Day”
by Josh Simons ⚫️🔴🏆 April 11, 2022