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One who believes they are superior to other but not based on race, but by intelligence. An intelligent supremacist may have friends of all races and religions as long as that other person is on a similar intellectual level with the supremacist.

Intelligent Supremacists are very smart people (some also think they are when they really aren't) Most of these people hold positions in authority, leadership, or power, or are on their way up in the world.

These people often keep up with events happening around them, whether it be local (IE, the widening of the freeway) or global (Iraq War, Swine Flu)

Intelligent Supremacists often are seen as racists because they are mostly white, but this is only true in SOME of the intellectual freaks.

They anybody with an IQ less then "Above average" as stupid, low lifes, retarded, ignorant, dumb. These people have a very strong tendency toward know-it-allism and are the first to correct even the tiniest mistakes their "inferiors" make

They believe any progress made in the world is only because of smart people, when in fact if it weren't for the "less intelligent things" in the world, they would get nowhere.

We also call these people supremacists because they let their intelligence get to their head and when sombody does or says something they feel is dumb they think to themselves "If I had a dollar for everytime I had to do or explain something to an inferior, this is why you are not as successful as me and doomed to a life of making $8 an hour bagging groceries, you're freaking retarded"

Unlike racial supremacists, intelligent ones are smarter then that and do not spread violence with their hate, this is why the intelligent ones see the racists as inferiors. They simply either bottle their emotions up, or see a therapist to talk about it, which is the 'intelligent' thing to.

People who could be considered as Intelligent Supremacists

Anybody in a management postion in any field.

People who read stuff TOO much

People who constantly watch Fox News

Elite Conservatives

Elite Liberals

Anybody with above average brains and treat less intellgent people like crap
Supremacist: What do you think of the city trying to widen the East West Freeway

Average human: I suppose traffic wont be as bad, but I dont really know


Average: Screw you, you intelligent supremacist, I'm the general manager of the 7-11 on the corner, and I make good money

Supremacist: Yeah right, stupid people like you shouldn't be allowed on the freeway

Average, takes a shot gun and shoots the supremacist dead: I guess that's not your problem anymore is it?
by AverageOrlandoJoe May 13, 2009
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