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An otherwise smart person who acts like a complete retard for unknown reasons. The intelligent retard usually lurks in universities wasting other people's time by making stupid or irrelevant comments repeatedly in order to (a) hear the sound of their own voice, (b) sound smart, or (c) make a retarded contribution to a coversation. They also have been known to repeat other peoples concise comments in a round-about twenty minute long narrative. There is no escape from the intelligent retard once they get going. Ignoring or shunning only has moderate success. Usually, you have to let their verbal diarrhea run it's course.
Teacher: Today we will be discussing ethical standards of practice

Intelligent Retard: (interrupts) I've read that according to the CPA guidelines................... (twenty minutes later)... so that's what I feel is correct.

Random Student: What an intelligent retard!
by Ann8424 July 19, 2010
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