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A cultural phenomenon inhibitting higher functions of brain, also is tied with already slowed brains of the fans enjoying it.
In other words, it induces stupidity.

Greed and it's effects cause overwhelming majority of intelectoxins.
Quotation from MobieBob's article published on the Escapist 23 July 2010 6:00 pm: -If you were to ask me what the three most intellectually-toxic movie franchises are right now, you'd be unsurprised to learn my answers were Twilight, Sex & The City and Tyler Perry. You know what they all have in common? They exist because mainstream Hollywood did a piss-poor job of paying proper attention to niche audiences - niche in Hollywood meaning any audience that is not white, male and aged 15-35.
my thoughts: -Intellectoxins, indeed.
by Dhatz July 23, 2010
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