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These females are what is known as a God send to any male looking for easy sex. You will find these girls at all nightclubs up and down the UK. They normally never refuse sex and are not the most attractive in their appearance.

If a male has failed in his conquest to find a sex partner for the night, he can always lower his standards and find a "Insurance Whore". Just like car insurance will never let you down, neither will a 'Insurance Whore".
Les: I really came to this club looking for a nice girl to have sex with, but it's getting late and I can't see myself getting lucky now.
Phil: Don't be such a quitter, theres loads of "Insurance Whores" in this place, you just have to lower your standards.
Les: Thanks mate, You always know what to say to cheer me up!
by Paul Fleming July 12, 2006
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