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To be instantly accused, charged, found guilty (and sentenced on-site) of something when you were in the process of actually helping somebody (or at least, in the thought process of actually helping somebody) and had absolutely no fucking clue that the good you were actually trying to do would actually come back and strike you down like the actual hand of fucking God Almighty!
Dude 1: Oh shit dawg......I just got my ass instadicted!

Dude 2: What the fuck you be stressin over?

Dude 1: Foo, don't u know we ain't supposed to be doing shit around dis hood cept maybe hangin at dis 7-11......I stopped off and hepped out my homeboy who was givin dis foo some act right who was beatin up his ole lady and BAM! there it it: INSTADICTED!!! at the scene. Shiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!

Dude 2: Uhhhhh, daim foo...........I guess I'll come visit yo ass in Federal prison den.
by the terrorists have won November 19, 2010
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