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When someone receives sexual pleasure primarily from someone else's social media pictures - especially Instagram - with or without having any other kind of relationship with that person, especially when the person who the social media account belongs to is openly in a sexual relationship with someone else. Essentially, when someone cuckolds themselves via another person's Instagram.
"As a popular dominatrix, I have dozens of men every day admit to being my instacucks!"
by NovaleeSnow August 30, 2019
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When you screw yourself over in a video game. The term was coined by YouTuber Charriii5 in his video "Mario Kart 64: The Redemption (w/ Nathaniel Bandy)"
(Playing Mario Kart)

Gamer #1: (throws green shell)

Green Shell: (bounces off wall back at Gamer #1)

Gamer #1: DAMN IT!

Gamer #2: What?

Gamer #1: I just insta-cucked myself
by One Angry Brazilian October 29, 2018
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