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That one person that sees the absolute negative side of everything. S/he cannot commit to anything, due to the fact that everything can and will go wrong, and on the off chance that s/he does commit to something, s/he will make whatever it is absolute hell for anyone else involved. Despite this, always insists that "we" need to do more as a group or family.
Six stages of Insistant Irritant:
Insistence: "Why don't we ever do things together, as a family?"
Before commitment: "That will never go right."
Too late to cancel: "I thought that this trip would be a great idea, but now I think that it's going to be terrible."
During trip: "I'm having a terrible time."
After trip: "That was terrible."
Five minutes after previous quote: "Why don't we ever do things together, as a family?"
by Yggdrasilcutter December 26, 2008
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