Similar to an inside joke, inside baseball refers to a reference that is not well-understood by the layman. An average person without deep knowledge of a topic would not be able to understand a reference that is inside baseball.
"I got kicked out of the raid for not having B4B"
"That is too inside baseball, I don't get it.
by High on Life June 7, 2015
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1) Baseball slang. A strategy based on teamwork and good execution. Keeps the ball infield using walks, base hits, stolen bases and bunts.

2)term used in American politics to utiltize a means to an end through evil practices.

The migration of sport to politics is in the 'inside' depicted as a hall of mirrors. By providing info 'from the inside' results in overconfidence leaving the informants in fact clueless about what actually happens in the game or simply, bullshit baffles brains.
1) The Baltimore Chop - where a batter swings downward on the ball resulting in a skyward rebound, allowing the batter to reach first base safely before the opposing team has a chance to make a play.

2) When McCain challenged Obama's committee work in the Senate, Obama brushed it off with "that's Senate inside baseball."
by john2 October 21, 2008
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A metaphor in American slang that refers to the inner workings of a system that are only understood by the experts. To understand Inside Baseball Stuff, one must have specific knowledge of the subject discussed that is not generally understood by outsiders.
What's the purpose of this email notification? I thought the issue was resolved last week or is this just Inside Baseball Stuff?
by GFE-Lover February 28, 2022
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Purposefully playing a game or doing an activity in a way that will break it.
"I invited Ellie over to guest at our DnD game last night, I had no idea they were gonna play inside baseball."
by foreverllilll_ September 26, 2021
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