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1. A group of, or single photographer who goes to great length looking for insects to photograph.
2. People who are addicted to taking photos of bugs, spiders, beetles, Mantis, Arachnid, scorpion, etc.
3. A group of friends or a Bug Club who get together as an event to take photos of insects.
4. Entomologists or Citizen Scientists who look for interesting insects to photograph
5. Professional photographers who go to great lengths to photograph exotic, interesting, endangeredor new species of insects beautifully so they may get their photo into National Geographic or other publications.
"I am going out with the Insect Paparazzi today in the rainforests of Brazil"

"We call ourselves the Insect Paparazzi because the super stars of our would are insects"
by Go Ahead BUG me September 17, 2013
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