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A notorious Chicago street gang located in Humbolt Park.Known for killing and drugs. IDRSW Aka Insane Dragons
Insane Dragons a Chicago gang like latin kings,latin diciples,spanish lords
by D.R.O November 15, 2006
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A group of white spoiled kids and people under 20 who live in nice neighborhoods in the Chicago south sand south west suburbs who claim to be real gang members. but just threaten people with "I'm a insane dragon"to sound intimidating however are about as threatening as a wet paper bag.


Kid one : Yo man don't fuck with me il get my insane dragon boyz on you we real gang bangers boi we got shooters.

Kid two: ok whatever you say gangster.

Kid one: yeah il get my boys on you.
I'm an insane dragon, He is an insane dragon,she was an insane dragon, they are becoming insane dragons.
by Smokena March 24, 2017
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