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The Permanent State of mind where nothing is impossible.....where oneself relies on instinct to handle anything in life. To achieve the inner "G" one must remove all doubt, all fear, all worries from the mind, well as push themselves to their limits and go beyond it and believe that if they want something they go for it.
Guys 1: "How Can the DJ go up to her and talk to that girl and get her number knowing her boyfriend is right beside her?"

Guy 2: "DJ doesn't think about the what-ifs, should-ifs, and if-onlys. once he decides what he wants he goes for it, its what he calls the Inner "G""

Guy 1: Inner "G"?

Guy 2 : He says everybody has the Inner "G" all you got to do is let go of everything that is keeping you from your moment and go for it, never live in Moderation. If you want something you go for it the only thing that's stopping you
by DJ White Shadow June 18, 2011
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