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The brief lapse of time when you are in the middle of a conversation and – as the words continue to fly out of the mouths of those around you contributing to the discussion - you simultaneously begin to form myriad opinions and ideas in your own head; building and molding them to fit the flow of the conversation. The words begin to accumulate in the back of your throat, organizing and prepping themselves to evolve into a presentable series of words. Until finally, they rise up, ready to leave your parted lips, and you eagerly prepare yourself to become an active participant in this pool of thoughts and ideas. But immediately begin to feel a resistance, a swift tug that draws the series of words back down into a lump in your throat, and there they stay. The thoughts and ideas that you once formed simmer away as an inside thought and you contently remain a passive participant in the conversation.
We were having an in-depth discussion about technology in my English class, and for some reason I had an inlapse.
by Euphoric2Daze2 October 07, 2017
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