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Describing ones movements as being very steady and precise. The word Inglecious can also be used to describe the way someone is moving while they are heavily self medicated but are still able to keep their balance, have a normal conversation without too much stuttering and their motions are very fluid and articulate; Also used for describing the movement of Ice glaciers. Also can be used for tricking your friends, just ask them how to spell it either by using the dictionary, or google. Wait 5 seconds and laugh as they attempt to find it.
"The Ice glaciers move very Ingleciously over the year across the fozen tundra."

"As the Dealer was leaving the room I noticed that his movements were very Inglecious."

You: "Hey man, could you look in the dictionary or maybe google the word Inglecious for me? I forgot to spell it."

Your firend: "Sure give me just a second, I will find out for ya."

You: "snicker snicker..idiot..snicker snicker"

"The man slipped in and out of the darkly lit room very ingleciously without detection."
by Ingleciour January 28, 2010
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