A particularly attractive female who delivers information via television, internet, or some other widespread form.

Often times a legitimate reporter degredated to the term Info Babe because of outside appearance and seemingly inside

Used particularly by males as a derogatory means of slighting women reporters, correspondents, or newscasters. Demeaning.
"I can not believe I was watching this ball game and this Info Babe came on with breaking news about a prison break, I was like attracted to her, but didn't know if she was for real."

"Sometimes, these people on t.v. are so nice looking, i get the information confused as I'm checking out their bods,they're like Info Babes, then again I'm kinda shallow."

"I think they put the good looking people on television and I think they're Info Babes, cuz who is gonna care if a radio, or podcaster is good looking or not?"
by writah' May 17, 2008
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