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Infinite Improbability English is the language you end up with when you type on a Smartphone with spellcheck turned on. It is an especially distinct dialect when using a keyboard enhancement like SWIPE word entry. The term is a portmanteau between the Infinite Improbability Engine as featured in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the English language. It represent the weighing of probabilities in meaning one does when receiving an apparantly outrageous or non-sequitur message from a Smart device.
These Infinite Improbability English messages along the intended word:

The color is called period red. (Persian)
Dick is coming in my vulva. (Volvo)
I left your shit in the bathroom. (Shirt)
I have a bad case of the manboobs. (Monday's)
Did you get the kinky fuck tickets? (Linkin Park)
Sorry Ma, I just came out of the closet. (Clinic)
I killed her in the woods outside her house then left. (Kissed)
by NutellaBear May 25, 2016
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