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A 'pop' metal band hailing from Adelaide.

These cats hail from various sectors of the metal world taking their influences from numerous genres, creating a totally unique sound.

see penetraitor
duuuuuuuude Infiltraitor are sweet!

I know, their 'pop' metal sound is quite orgasmic.
by wodpseu July 31, 2009
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Available Domains :D

1. A person who poses as a member of a group but are doing so just to mess with their heads for the fun of it.

2. A person who poses as a member of a group in order to prey on them, argue, preach, or cause discord.
That guy I thought was someone in my class ended up being a 45 year old creep from another state. He mede me think all my friends were gossiping behind my back. He was an infil-traitor!

I found out that the guy who joined our pagan group was really a Christian fundamentalist arguing for Jesus's love. Right like I need to hear that. What an infil-traitor
by Astor G. November 05, 2007
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