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Primary Characteristics include: A blowout hairstyle, faux hawk, excessive use of gel or pomade. Facial precisely trimmed, usually in a goatee, sideburns and other hair seems ideal and looks drawn on. Clothing usually styled with denim and flashy button downs, sweater vests, vests, and/or ties from or Other accessories also add to the guidoness – Gold chains, flashy watches or jewelry, white loafers, large shade also known as aviators, and numerous other add-on’s that convey that these types of people should in a Indian Mob, which is seemingly impossible, or a Raghav/Jay Sean music video.
"Dawg, that indo-guido should be a back-up dancer or singer for my new song, "I'm Cheesy" - Juggy D
by Chirag Shah 123321 April 03, 2008
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