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Short for the Individuals, or the clique from adolescence that are, when alone, chameleons that fade into and out of other cliques. When with other Indivvies, they gather together, and form their own clique, the Indivvies. Generally, they're confused with Emo/Goth/Scene/Indie because of the fact that they really end up not belonging, in the end, unless thriving with other "loners". Also, since they mainly are more mature than most of the other cliques, they usually treat one another wonderfully. Next, two or more usually end up dating one another, breaking up, and will still remain friends. Indivvies will go insane with clique hopping when not with other Indivvies, and people who would belong and can't due to lack of others like them, join in.

Being an Indivvie and realizing it, really makes a differnce in people's lives. I know it did to mine.

If you are lost among the many terrors of highschool/middleschool, search for the Indivvies, and ease your way in. Jumping in too quickly will ironically cause them to reject you.

KEEP IN MIND that though they are a group of Individuals, they are still a clique, and perform like other cliques.

Main Enemy Cliques: The Too-Good-For-You Preps, The Wannabe Metal/Skate fanatic, the Music Overlords, and basically anyone who tries to hurt anybody (emotionally, physically, or spiritually) in the clique.
I was at a loss.
Tried the Preps. Nope.
Tried the Geeks. Meh.
Tried the Jocks. Got in trouble.
Tried the Skaters. Got laughed off.
Where was I to go?

Then I finally found someone who brought me to their friends.
What a variety! There were Preps, Emo-borderliners, Skaters...

That's when I knew I belonged.

I'm an Indivvy.
by A Dict. Ex. of Da Finer Life October 28, 2009
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