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Indigocide is the destruction of an indigenous people and their indigenous culture via mass immigration and colonisation.

Genocide relates to a race.

Ethnocide relates to an ethnic group.

Indigocide relates to both an indigenous people and their indigenous culture.

Indigocide relates to multi-culturalism and its emphasis on colonisation as opposed to integrationism.

Indigocide is not an action undertaken by the government aiming at a direct extermination of a race or an ethnic group eg the construction of death camps or gulags, but relates instead to the actions of a government via their social, political, cultural and immigration policies that cause the indigenous peoples and culture of a nation to be marginalised and eventually disappear.

The fact that the Cockney language form of London will vanish in less than 30 years is an example of Indigocide.
As an example of indigocide the cockney language will be extinct in London within 30 years.
by The Legal Eagle July 13, 2010
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