In sandlot games, such as Wiffle ball and kick ball, the defense can hit the runner with a thrown ball, qualifying as an out.

As with most Native American/Indian activities, an Indian out is a violent alternative to an otherwise peaceable sport as it has the potential to sting, bruise, welt, blind, or otherwise injure.
Before the game started, we agreed to allow Indian outs. As a result, Debbie went home crying about the 3rd inning.

Indian outs are fun. Last week, Ken almost cracked Bud's skull open when Bud tried to steal home. Bud got Kenny back in the 5th, however, when he threw the ball as hard as he could from five feet away, hitting Ken right in the nuts for the third out.
by Keguse December 3, 2012
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Dabble hot sauce on her butthole quickly licking it up, and when she questions it take her light bulb and dip
Oh man i had a spicy night last night, i gave her an Indian take out
by Mother fraggers February 3, 2023
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During a mmf threeway when both men are inside the vagina and are alternating thrusts, causing an indian burn inside the vagina.
Crissy has been walking weird today.
Ya dude, Chad and Todd gave her the Inside Out Indian Burn last night.
by Level3Autism September 1, 2018
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