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The best town in the world. Mostly known for producing the most legit kids alive. A lot of drugs are inhaled and many beers are drank at a place called Stoney Creek located in the most in this pream town. Also known for their obnoxiously loud system playing only the best music, oh yeah and there is a Wawa.
Me: I live in Indian Mills
You: You must be the shit then
Me: Yeah
by T Kettle February 22, 2008
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The more traditional name for the Township of Shamong, a town in Southern New Jersey that consists of 90% rich people with over-privileged kids, 5% trailer parks, and 5% wannabe hicks (mostly in the heavily wooded areas). A majority of the population regualrly thinks they're better than the surrounding townships. It is common for someone in Indian Mills to have most of their friends also from Indian Mills especially in Stony Creek, a devopment off Atsion Road.

The biggest attraction of the town is the Wawa spawning multiple facebook pages debating over the two opposing entrances of the same store, and also starting a campaign to save the Wawa which was rumored to be threatened to be removed due to space issues.
"he was acting like he was better than me the whole night"
"where'd you say he was from again"
"indian Mills...why?"
by senecaoh8 May 11, 2010
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