When one gets cruely pranked and/or ridiculed by anyone or anything that makes you look less intelligent or foolish...even if you were blind-sided by the occurrence of an "inconvenienced!"
Lil' Darrel was typing his 2,000 word research paper on his computer when Lil' Rollie came to the computer with scissors in hand. When Lil' Rollie cut the power cord he then shouted "INCONVENIENCED!" in Lil' Darrel's face, laughing hysterically.
by gato en el sombrero April 5, 2011
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A person with an appetite that always kicks in at a bad time and becomes very bitchy when they don't get their food.
Hunter and Noah are in the car on a 2 hour trip when Hunter suddenly becomes hungry.

Hunter: Noah we need to pull over at a rest stop I'm starving.

Noah: Really you just ate before we left and we have been in the car for 25 minutes.

Hunter: Just pull the fuck over and get me some fucking food you prick.

Noah: Shit man you have such an inconveniencing appetite.
by Fox979 July 27, 2012
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