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A man who jumps into your car and tells you to drive. When you stop, he steals whatever is in the car, jumps out and says 'Boo ya!'. This man could be drunk or have a gun or both, and he could also be extrememly tattooed.

The phrase is used in a TobyTurner Youtube video, when he is talking about how his MacBookPro, iPad, camera and expensive electric shaver got stolen. The phrase was coined by Toby's friend Tanya's friend, Eddie.
"Somebody jumped into my car - it was me and Shaun. We're in the car, somebody jumped in, just totally drunk, and basically told us to drive - he didn't have a weapon or anything or a gun, but he had his hand in his pocket, and he was a shady character, and he was talking about, you know, just slurring a bunch of random things to, like, get us to drive, and then he just kind of more... " - Toby Turner

"I'm going to the Police Station after that with this Americano. I'm gonna tell them he had tattoos... the In-N-Out Burglar!" - Toby Turner
by TobyTurnerFan101 February 27, 2011
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One of Toby Turner's few weaknesses; along with sharp swords that can't open up video games, birds, planes, flowers, and the sun.
Toby: "I'm gonna tell the drive-thru that I just got robbed. It's gonna be a bunch of balls... She's gonna ask me how I'm doin'."
Hothothot: "Welcome to <indistinguishable> how are you doin' today?"
Toby: "Terrible."
Hothothot: "I'm sorry?"
Toby: "I got robbed. I got robbed yesterday."
Hothothot: "You got robbed?"
Toby: "Yah, they stole my Macbook Pro."
Hothothot: "Awwww, I'm sorry."
Toby: "He's called the In-N-Out Burglar, he jumped into my car at In-N-Out, everybody knows him as that."
Hothothot: "What?!"
Toby: "Yah! At In-N-Out Burger, stole my laptop..."
Hothothot: "<laughs>"
Toby: "And then he jumped out of the car and said booyah."
by SaxGLaDiator June 19, 2011
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