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When a woman has surrendered her dignity to you, and you are able to penetrate any of her oraficies without having to buy her dinner.
See that over there, Mendon is in like Flynt with that bitch
by Michael Scott February 16, 2006
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refers to the star of a series of spy movies from the late 60's and early 70's, starring james coburn, i think who was a poor mans james bond.
being "in like flynt" means that you will make a lucky escape of a particular situation with minimal damage to one's self.
james coburn being a good friend of the greatest film martial artist of all times, bruce lee, incorporated action stunts into his movies and even introduced some non-firearm weapons play into the mix.
dude 1: wow! that james coburn just escaped from a burning building by sliding down the fire escape of an adjoining one and didnt even get a scratch. he's gonna escape from the bad guy now.
dude 2: check it dude, once he nails anita man or amanda love, he really will be in like flynt!!
by cosmo kid February 17, 2006
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