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A lifestyle choice a person makes about how to live and behave, according to an attitude stemming from impromptu decision making. Decisions are made sporadically, without previous preparation or thought.

A state of being pure in each moment.
Going off of what "feels right" in a particular instance without planning- One remains unscripted, raw, unrehearsed.
No hesitation involved.

Living a lifestyle in extemporization.

It's also the perfect excuse for poor decision making; however, it will NOT have you exempt from pregnancy, or STD's-


(female) "Why didn't you wear a condom? What do you think you are, one of those impromptuvationalists?"
(male) "Actually, I am..."
(female) "Well, I'm a Catholic, so it looks like we're BOTH going to be parents."
(Customer) "Excuse me, Miss? My first drink came with a lemon wedge, this second was served with a lime..."
(Server) "I thought you'd enjoy variety as the spice of life! I'm an impromptuvationalist, it just felt so right."
(Customer) "Oh, in that case- Surprise me on my third! I love what a good impromptuvationalist will throw my way! You must have such a free spirit."
by EmilyaBear August 15, 2014
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